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Investment and access to finance key for Africa

On Monday it was the Guardian, today it is the Financial Times where Kurt Hoffman, president of the Shell Foundation, criticizes current development efforts towards Africa and suggests where improvements need to be made: private sector development.

Innovative trickle-up economics

The current issue of Forbes Magazine profiles 71-year old Paul Polak and his organization, International Development Enterprises (IDE). The idea behind IDE is that providing affordable and effective irrigation and transportation is key to alleviating poverty.

The development power of cell phones

On June 1st the IFC announced a $40 million dollar loan to Scancom Limited to boost investment in Ghana’s mobile telecom sector. Such investments are among the most fruitful that institutions such as the IFC can make.

The importance of facilitating business registration: growth!

The World Bank has launched a new online discussion on “How to Streamline Business Registration.”

International public opinion, and research such as the World Bank’s Doing Business Project, have agreed to gripe about red tape and the fact that it takes over 200 days to incorporate a business in some countries. But what is the best way to go about this?

3 new notes on telecom regulation experiences

‘Public Policy for the Private Sector’ has just released three new notes by Kerf, Neto and Geradin on country experiences with the regulation of liberalized telecom markets with antitrust and sector-specific rules.