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Rethinking the brain drain

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An article in Foreign Policy last month asks us to rethink the brain drain. Authors Michael Clemens and David McKenzie (the latter an employee of the World Bank) argue that the movement of skilled labor is a boon to both developed and developing countries. They decry the term "brain drain" as a serious mischaracterization of the phenomenon.

Improving Credit in Armenia

The 2006 and 2007 Doing Business reports both found that Armenia has been reforming in the area of credit. Armenian lenders can now rely on a credit registry when deciding on loan applications. But have these reforms really had an impact?

Bringing Finance to Pakistan's Poor

Yesterday I attended the World Bank's book launch of Bringing Finance to Pakistan's Poor: Access to Finance for Small Enterprises and the Underserved. The authors, Tatiana Nenova and Ceclie Thioro Niang, interviewed 10,000 households from across Pakistan's geographic and socio-economic landscape, including both men and women.

Good News in Migration

A few months ago, I attended the World Bank's conference on Diaspora for Development, hosted by Dilip Ratha, lead economist at the World Bank. The general feeling at that time was that remittance flows would contract significantly this year, but, paradoxically, would become a more important source of external financing in many countries, as foreign direct investment had dropped by up to 50 percent.