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Doing Business - Smart policies for competitiveness

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Last month the German Development Institute held a workshop on the Doing Business agenda. The two-day event featured none other than Penelope Brook, Director of the Indicators Analysis Department (responsible for the Doing Business project), as well as a number of other staff from the World Bank. Follow the links to check out their presentations:

The hidden side of globalization

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In debates over globalization, much attention is given to so-called 'North-South' relationships. Often, data on 'South-South' exchanges it too limited to say much. A new paper on Global Migration of the Highly Skilled by Theo Dunnewijk of United Nations University helps shed some new light on 'South-South' brain drain/brain strain/brain circulation (Hat tip: Giulio Quaggiotto). Previous datasets had overlooked diasporas of highly skilled workers in these countries:

Shameless self-promotion

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It may not be 100 percent in line with private sector development, but, hey, what else are blogs for? The Institute for Higher Education Policy today released a new (and long awaited) report by Ryan Hahn and Derek Price on College-Qualified Students Who Don't Enroll in College. Among its many findings on college-going in the US, I thought I'd highlight one in particular:

Walmart in exchange for Harvard

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The U.S. gets Walmart, and in return, China gets...Harvard. At least that's part of the story told by a graph in a recent publication from Campus France (Hat tip: University World News). China is by far the largest importer of educational services in the world, at least by student numbers. The U.S. absorbs nearly a quarter of China's mobile students.