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Submitted by Ryan Hahn on
Hi Jonathan, I had the same question when I first read the report. In fact, the calculations of most improved economies were made in an apples-to-apples fashion. If you check page 4 of the DB2011 report (, you'll see that the footnote indicates that data from DB2010 presented in DB2011 was back calculated to exclude the Employing Workers Indicator. Based on the other 9 indicators, Spain fell one rank from 48 to 49. As for why the indicator was removed in DB2011, have a look at page 16 of the report. My understanding is that after a period of consultation, the indicator will be added back into the overall rankings: "Because the consultative process and consequent changes to the methodology are not yet complete, this year’s report does not present rankings of economies on the employing workers indicators or include the topic in the aggregate ranking on the ease of doing business."