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Submitted by El Hadji on
Hello, In Senegal for example, there are mainly two types of immigrants: _Entrepreneurs coming from Lebanon, China, India or Maghreb (North Africa) who prosper with their very organized business models _Workers and smaller retailers from other West African nations who work in the informal sector for the most part, it is difficult to state whether they form an underprivileged group since the majority of the informal sector in Senegal is underprivileged anyway. In many cases, these workers have left their respective countries to flee a civil war or another serious threat therefore being able to make a living somewhere is really a win-win situation. Immigrants from other countries (at least in Senegal) are very well integrated in the community and their culture (music, clothing...) are often adopted by the locals. Although I do agree with your statistics in bullet points, I believe that they do apply to most African countries realities. Thank you El Hadji Performance Consultants, Export to Africa