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During my studies of International Development and Global Political Economy I wondered about similar questions. Why are some of my fellows very critical of enterprises, market economies, capitalism and Globalization? Theses people have fear of loosing power to "anonymous" capital without a face. I am sure there are many other reasons more. In such discussions prosperity and economic wealth statistics are not helping. This made me thinking about my own experiences... and developing the question: Why are we sure that mainly economic dimensions measure our "well-being" accurately? What about a happiness-dimension? Research on happyness has shown that above a certain line of income people are not happier. From my own personal experience, I can confirm that volunteering without income made me happier than earning $100.000 in a purely moneymaking job without spare time. Therefore, I believe that we should go beyond "hard" economic dimensions and include "soft" social dimensions as well. What do you think?