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Submitted by Dr. William Searcy on
Jason: You must mean "affluent" not "efluent" (sic)...but then again, the poor do seem to live in effluent..:-) The doomsayers such as Mr. Gore are on quite a money-making ride...I guess Mr. Gore needs the cash and to try to prop up his ego since losing in 2000. The studies in global climate change are in their infancy...far too early to call for measures which will stunt the economic growth of other nations...especially in light of the fact that Greenland was once inhabitable during the Middle Ages...what caused warming then??? Many things contribute to global climate cahnge...sun activity, elliptical orbit variations, volcanoes and other get my drift. I have to agree with Dr. Richard...Gore needs a real job...and sell of some of those 20,000 sq.ft. mansions,'s hard to take you seriously!