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If Dr Searcy were correct, then these many things changing the climate would be changing it all the time, in truth it's pretty stable. Just a 0.5C increase in global mean in the last century! Of course it changed far more that that where I was today; clearly there's a difference between weather and climate :-) On a more useful note. The living in effluent point is well made. Many of the poorest in the world are subsistence farmers, and even if they are battling with climate change they won't notice it - because for most it will be existing climate variability that will set them back more; when the next flood or drought hits. Climate does matter for most of the world's poor, because unlike many in the developed world they spend much of their lives outdoors, trying to turn whatever the weather brings into a a livelihood. If Dr Searcy really was living in the random climate he imagines, with the random weather it would bring, then I doubt there would be much of a human population at all, rich or poor. As for how Jason might get more involved, it really depends what talents and resources he has available. There are folks working on such things - honest.