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Submitted by Femi Alla on
Dear Michael, Great article written by someone who has a good track record on the subject. Concerning Mobile Money in Africa, African entrepreneurs in the various African markets will be key to the take off of Mobile Money across the African continent. It has been proven over and over that local African entrepreneurs are indeed enterprising can be very innovative in using technology to tackle local problems. However, the foremost problem faced by African entrepreneurs is access to finance, especially attracting outside investment from the west. This is all the more difficult for African entrepreneurs who have not lived or studied in the west. This is well documented in the World Economic Forum’s annual Africa Competitiveness report, year after year. In their country-by-country list of the top hindrances to doing business in Africa, access to finance is always tops the list of most sub-Saharan African countries. I would suggest that one of the things your initiative should focus on is bridging this gap by helping credible African businesses in the Mobile Money space gain access to finance/FDI. Thanks.