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Submitted by Obi Onuorah on
I must admit I would have been quite disappointed not to find Nigeria on the list! The prospects for mobile money in Nigeria are huge especially with the penetration and explosion of the mobile sector in the last decade. Having worked in the foremost attempt at a mobile money solution in Nigeria, I am confident to say that under visionary leadership such as yours, there is indeed hope for developing mobile money in Nigeria. However, some of the biggest challenges you will face in replicating the M-Pesa model in Nigeria as you must have discovered is the fact that the Central Bank regulations restrict telecom companies from playing actively in the financial sector. This is quite understandable to protect Nigerian banks but it also cripples the chances of economic growth. How do you plan to overcome this in Nigeria which has a mobile phone user population of over 80 million people, a staggering figure that you cannot ignore if you want to develop mobile money in Africa.