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Nigeria, by far among the 15 other countries, has a market for the growth of mobile money. It represents a very strong potential and there are significant opportunities for this payment and settlement system to thrive in the economy. With a population of over 150 million and the spread of poverty among the populace, this concept will help generate employment opportunities and lift a significant proportion out of the circle of want as well as provide a veritable avenue for the unbanked in the society to be integrated into the mobile financial system. The statistics per teledensity will also work in favour of actualising and making success out of this strategic initiative. From 2001 when licences were issued to mobile telephone operators, subscriber have risen from about 422,000 (2001) to about 73 million by the end of 2009. With such a large number of mobile phone users, a lot of ground will be covered. I believe the achievement in Kenya will be surpassed in Nigeria due to the high population (over 150m) and teledensity. This is a huge market that signposts strong opportunities for mobile money. I am optimistic that the Kenyan and safaricom model will work very well in Nigeria as the demoraphy, environment, culture, consumer/customer behaviour, etc. speak to the same truism. At the individual level, I am enthusiastic about this new dawn and would be glad to be part of the team midwifing this ground breaking developmental programme.