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The real value in MPESA is not as a money-transfer system ~ as another toy to make rich people richer ~ but as a world poverty game-changer ~ to stop people dying. If the World Bank really is serious about improving everything for everybody, and especially the lot of the world's poorest people, then rather than having armies of WB worker ants creating mountains of reports to make sure they get 'optimum ROI' ~ and their collective asses covered ~ they should be investing in it and funding it so they can take it immediately to where it will do the most good. There can only be one group of countries that meet that criteria and they are the LDC. The 48 least developed countries ~ 16 landlocked, 11 small islands, population 2010: 832.33 Million, Projected Population 2020: 1.04 Billion. In 40 years the LDC category has existed ~ and of WB and UN tinkering ~ only 3 countries have graduated from the LDC ~ Botswana, Cape Verde, and the Maldives. One more ~ Samoa ~ is slated to exit in 2014, but that remains to be seen. UNICEF says, in the LDC, 27,000 children die every day due to poverty. How many of those children could be saved, not to mention the improvement in the lives of millions of others, with an economically vibrant and commercially competitive population of 1.04 Billion? If you have a conscience, MJ, for all our sake, start with the LDC first.