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Submitted by G S RADJOU on
I like what you are saying. there is not one way process. As long as the hygiene is under control. Some countries develop flushing toilets for conveniences (if you have a pôwerfull water industries, it is is finer than if the country lack of water resources_ Perhaps, they may use dry instead of wet sanitation products). Another example is Biogas chamber under the latrines. this is good way to transform humane waste into energy trensformation and saving of human faeces contains these sources of biogas that can turn on the light or power your cooker...)- Another exaples Fishes.Myself, I lived in Indonesia for a while in Sumatra, people in the communities are defacating in water ponds where the fishes make the cleaning. Nobody get sicked- Iam self as a foreigner in the country went well. Do all industries have to use water as the main raw materials. I am full of doubt with the assumption. I mean, as long as the hygiene process chain is under control. It could be defecating in whatsoever. We need flexible solutions and not creating these industries..