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This is one measure that is terribly needed in Nigeria. As we speak, the president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan has still not declared his assets even after occupying the office of president for over a year. Africa's problems could be solved by scrutinizing it's leadership. Any reader of this message who is concerned about the failures in Africa should do some research on how much each Nigerian senator takes home annually. You will be shocked to find out that the take home pay exceeds $1 million dollars PA. This is much more than what President Barack Obama and President Sarkozy earn annually. In Nigeria, public officials do not care about development. Most who aspire for public office see it as an avenue to get rich quick. This is why there are so many instances of political killings, vote rigging, thuggery, ballot snatching and other vices that occur during elections in the country. The honest truth is the whole structure of governance and those within it in Nigeria are seriously compromised by corruption and it has become a culture in practice. Without real far reaching sanctions on African leaders who steal from their people, I doubt there will be much change without conflict.