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Submitted by Rogers on
I have always believed that the matter of widespread corruption is multidimensional: It has a double incidence of benefit, double incidence of criminality and thereby impetus for utmost secrecy. How do you prove a case in such circumstances? That is a discussion for another day. Often, when we discuss corruption, we view at as the 'looting by the big fish', because that is what it is potrayed as in the media. But, in my view, that is the tip of the iceberg.Whereas one top official can swindle $1,000,000 today, consider the amount that a 10,000-man strong traffic police force has solicited from drivers along the highway. Assuming each police officer solicited $10 from each errant motorist, how much does that come to? That's $100,000 per day. In a week, that is $700,000 and in a year, that is $36,400,000. In this illustration, who is the bigger thief, the one top official or the police force? What has fueled a 10,000-strong police force, the custodians of law and order, into looters of the very property they are to protect? Apathy and impunity. Apathy on the part of the public, believing 'that is how we live, we cant change that, let them have their chance as we await ours, there is no interest from anyone to change this', blah, blah, blah. So, who is going to report who? Who is going to blow this whistle? No body! Interesting. Impunity on the part of the police force. Arguments would be, 'everyone knows they have to give us something, its either you pay me or pay the courts, I am saving you alot of time by taking my share here and now, you are benefiting from this as much as I am' blah, blah, blah. So, who will refuse the corruption? No body! Interesting too. Apathy and impunity are twin attitudes in the corruption concept that need to be tacked from a perception angle. No matter how many oversight institutions we have, for as long as attitudinal aspects are not worked upon, we are fighting a losing battle. For God and my country.