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Submitted by Eric Kotonya on
Seems like Kenyan's have not fully understood the impact of the mobile money leadership she commands. If they did they'd look beyond banking the unbanked and remittance convenience offered by MPesa and other mobile money services. The real success will be in innovating mobile money services for the future. Two mobile-money derived products and services could soon drive next generation mobile services in Kenya: MOBILE COMMERCE: Local techies have developed online shopping cart plugins and web-app extensions that automate receipt of mobile payments. This brings simplification and integration to enterprise systems. Leading the way are, and MOBILE FINANCE: Peer to peer mobile lending is now possible in Kenya, even more so after Safaricom proved the concept with “Okoa Jahazi” pre-pay airtime-on-loan product which integrates real-time credit worthiness checking for instant micro-loan approval and dispensing. Nairobi's mobile-money bank is well positioned to scale this commercially.