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Submitted by chimaobi okolo valentine on
Nigel Twose, your questions are good and of concern. However, there could be a way to do business, make profit and create jobs. I think IFC should consider the market strategy. Firms (large or small) meet at the market place. Even IFC has its own market. Its a place where buyers (large and small firms) and sellers (large and small firms and suppliers of labour) meet to exchange what they have for what they want. Large firms like Microsoft, Apple, Cocacola etc. Develop a product and create/ come to the market. When their market share and size increase, the demand on their product increase. They need more hands to meet the market's demand for their product. In order to do so, they come to the labour market in search of qualified persons for employment. As the market gets bigger, sales increase, profit increase,jobs are created and employment increase. While large firms are able to do this small firms scramble for crumbs that fall off the table. There is no way IFC or any organization or government can talk of job creation without focusing on small firms and SMEs. They are critical for development and reducing unemployment. IFC and the country government should help fund small firms and create market for their product. Unless they sell their product and remain in business, they cannot grow and cannot create jobs. A study on the effect of ank consolidation on SMEs access to credit in Nigeria showed that as banks consolidate and become bigger, they focus on bigger firms and neglect smaller ones. Microfinance banks were created to take care of SMEs but their capital and deposits are small to take care of all the emerging SMEs in the country. The study also revealed that as the deposit of microfinance banks increased, their lending increased. However, it is not yet enough to carter for the enormous number of SMEs in the country. If Microfinance banks in Nigeria and other developing countries are encouraged to quote and sell shares (source funds) in the capital market, their capital would increase as well as their deposit. Following the result of the study, when microfinance banks become buoyant, their lending will increase and SMEs will have more money to expand and employment will increase. Lastly, IFC can make profit and create jobs simultaneously if they help these firms (large or small) create and penetrate their markets.