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Submitted by Manan on

Hi, Congratulations for the wonderful article. I am a doctor and worked in Rural parts of UP (most populous) state of India. There is plethora of Private practitioners without formal medical training. They mainly practice in periphery so that government cannot raid them and can continue to practice & earn money. Their primary intention is to make money. Sometimes they will ill treat patient to such an extent and then refer them at the terminal stage. They treat patients with high costing antibiotics without knowing the proper indications of usage. lack of anti septic knowledge makes the patients vulnerable to injection abscess, which is very common.
On a positive side they are the boon for the rural people as the govt facilities are useless, may be due to lack of manpower, lack of drugs & lack of compassion and care. They tender to the people as they are easily accessible. And going to long distance to a good facility is difficult due poor infrastructure and roads.
Its would be a big challenge to tap these existing manpower and improve the quality of care as they might see it as a threat rather than opportunity. there also can be many more issues and challenges to tap into the network.
The question still remains..