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Development 2.0: The power of conversations

Any social media evangelist surely knows the objection all too well: you try to make the case for Web 2.0 and the power of conversations that it enables when someone inevitably comes up with "conversations are all very well, but what about real work? And real impacts?"

So it’s nice to see an example of social innovation out of the UK that is based, quite simply, on enabling conversations. Patient Opinion is a website founded by Paul Hodgkin, a general practitioner "who wanted to find a way to make the wisdom of patients available to the National Health System (NHS)." Acting as an independent broker, the site enables conversations between patients and health care providers that help identify concrete opportunities to improve health service at the local level. Apparently, the model has proven successful enough to attract funds for an extension, this time focusing on mental health.

Public Experience, another website based across the pond, seems to have adapted the same model to public services in general.

Now, imagine for a second a development equivalent of Patient Opinion – a site (or, given access issues, possibly a mobile phone service) where aid recipients openly share their experiences about the quality and impact of the support they received and engage in a dialogue with donors on how to improve its effectiveness. The Development 2.0 wishlist keeps growing.

P.S. If you are afraid of getting lost in too many conversations, Debategraph might be just the solution you are looking for.


Submitted by GHI on
One site similar to this that has been around for a long time is Patients Like Me, they even have real world data from their community posted under research tools:

Submitted by joana breidenbach on
I'd like to draw your attention to, a platform that enables just what you are advocating for the development sector. Everybody can post a project and every stakeholder, whether a beneficiary or a funder, can voice their opinion of the project. So far not that many beneficiaries are using the possibility to have a voice, but we are strongly heading in that direction and are currently experimenting to integrate stakehoder-led feedback systems on betterplace. More about this topic: best regards joana

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