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Doing Business in Kenya 2010

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The Doing Business in Kenya 2010 report is out today, just on the heels of the annual Doing Business 2010 report. Globally, Kenya ranked 95 out of 183 economies. Doing Business in Kenya 2010, the first subnational report on Kenya, suggests Kenya could improve its ranking by 17 positions simply by adopting best practices already in place in the 11 Kenyan localities covered in the report:

If a hypothetical city, "Kenyana", were to adopt the best practices already in place in Kenya, its ranking would improve in all four areas of regulation that are the focus of this study, putting "Kenyana" in 78th place among the 183 economies measured in the global Doing Business report. That is 17 positions better than Kenya’s current global rank (represented by Nairobi).

Here is the full report, plus the press release and a Powerpoint presentation

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