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The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally, if incorrectly, thought of as the busiest shopping day of the year in the US. For those of us still in a food coma, it's nice to do the shopping from the couch. Thanks to my fabulous intern Kristina, who took a break from infrastructure regulation to find the excellent sites below, we present ten ways to buy fair trade and/or support artists worldwide:

  • Novica - an online arts agent for more than 1,700 artists around the world. Check out the impressive collection of chess sets.
  • World of Good - affordably priced bags, house wares, jewelry, more.
  • Ganesha - home furnishings and accessories from India. Don't blame me if you spend an hour wandering around this fantastically diverse marketplace. Make sure to visit the Bollywood section.

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Brady Swenson
November 26, 2006

Fair trade christmas ornaments, jewelry, purses and more can be found at http://twohandsworldshop.com.

November 27, 2006

Just to add two more sites for those who would like to feel good about their holiday shopping:

1. Aid to Artisans, http://aidtoartisans.org/


2. Women for Women international, http://www.womenforwomen.org/bazaar.htm

March 08, 2007

You can find lists of fair trade retailers, wholesalers, and producers at www.fairtradefederation.org. they are a DC-based international association of fair trade businesses.

June 01, 2007

I just wanted to say WOW!!! goose bumps and e-motions, the design of your web page really got me!!! Check my sites ;)

Online Clothing Browser
February 19, 2008

well, people simply say of fair trade but never follow it in real life.

Rob Easthampton
October 09, 2008

Do not forget to include Tibet Collection's Fair Trade Holiday line! Right now we offer handmade ornaments, stockings, hats, and more for the Holiday shopping season. All of our products are Fairly-Traded and made by Artisans in Nepal.

We are a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation. We are also members of Coop America (Green America) and Aid to Artisans.

Sarah Byrnes
March 06, 2009

Add this new site to your list for fair trade handmade gifts and accessories. 30% of our profits directly gets donated to orphanages in central Vietnam.

All of our beautiful gifts are handmade in Vietnam by local artisans.


Village Markets of Africa
September 11, 2009


Look to Village Markets of Africa for meaningful gifts! VMA gives conscientious shoppers access to over 200 fair trade products (jewelry, clothing/accessories, home decor) handcrafted by fair trade artisan cooperatives across Africa.

Visit us on the web: www.villagemarketsofafrica.com
or call us TOLL FREE: (888)4-VMA-STORE

Jacob Schmalzle
US Coordinator
Village Markets of Africa