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Developmentmarketplace3_1On May 8-9 118 finalists will compete for US$4 million in grants at the 2006 Global Development Marketplace. This year's theme, Innovations in Water, Sanitation and Energy Services for Poor People, reflects the commitment to suport and incubate ideas that provide clean water supply, sanitation, and energy services to poor communities in developing countries. Finalist proposals range from solar-powered water filters, to creative methods for rural refrigeration and power generation, to the provision of locally-produced biomass briquettes as alternatives to fuelwood. Come and meet the finalists from 55 countries, and vote for your favorite project! To visit the Marketplace, pre-register for free by May 3rd.

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Water Filtration Systems
May 25, 2006

Only $4 million dollars? And I thought we are moving toward a serious shortage of fossil fuels and clean water supply. For insance - these small water filtration companies sell great stuff! Here's a few:,, This is great, but we need more!

October 21, 2008

$4 million dollars does seem low considering the billions of dollars we are spending in Iraq. It seems that the government really needs a change in priorities, as we are certainly in the midst of an energy crisis.

While it definitely is good news that new methods of city water treatment are being developed and granted funds, I agree that it's a good idea to look into efficient methods of home water filtration. Here are a few more examples of water filter companies that are really committed to cleaner water and better environmental policy:,, and