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Earth_dayA lot has changed since April 22, 1970 when 20 million people celebrated the first Earth Day. Among other things, this year the Vanity Fair is fully on board.

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Priya Patel
April 23, 2007

Ethically fashionable or Fashionably Ethical?

Not only is Vanity Fair jumping on the latest trend, this month's Elle magazine and Washington Life magazine are titled the "Green issue" and Even Vogue devoted a page or two to the trend this month.

Green is now "En vogue" for Spring, with a lot of ink and air time being devoted to the topic in mainstream media. There have been many articles published on how we can make our lives more ecological, from what we drive, eat and now to what we wear all the while looking good while we do it.

The danger of this is that like trends that come and go in the fashion industry, ethical consumerism may be in danger of being last season's handbag. The message that needs to be conveyed is like the image it's potraying, it needs to be sustainable.

Fashion may appear to many in the development world as frivolous or irrelevant when in fact it is at the center of critical issues concerning cultural representation, body image, design aesthetics, global trade and production, and professional and consumer ethics. With the development of Make Poverty History campaign and the emphasis on Africa, there is no better time for fashion to make a political statement on development. One person who has embraced activism through fashion has been Bono’s wife Ali Hewson who owns Ethical clothing company Edun, we shall be seeing her collection later in the show. Her clothing is produced in family-run factories in South America and Africa using fair labour practices.

corbett grainger
April 25, 2007

I guess you could say that "Green is the new black"!

James S. Klich II
January 06, 2008

As we all know corruption is a part of daily life in many countries. How does the World Bank and other banks handle this problem? All banks need to be on the same page. If any country has a corruption problem there should be no investment from any bank period! This should be a new global law. Take the issue of illegal logging. If the country engages in this activity and does not improve there needs to be global action of some kind. We are getting to the point that there is not much left. We need to take action now and not just look away and ignore the problem.