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Jon Snow on Malaria

Some hopeful and some less hopeful stories from Jon Snow, writing in the Guardian earlier this month. He describes a malaria net factory in Arusha:

Inside the A to Z factory, blue longlife netting cascades from 50 huge industrial looms. There are about 1,200 African workers working to save the lives of other Africans. But Anuj Shah, who runs the company is no do-gooder. He's in it for profit and is determined that net making in Africa is a seriously commercial activity. Currently producing 3m of these nets a year, he expects his new factory, which is under construction nearby, to start producing 7m a year by April. After that he hopes to expand to 20m - a tenth of Africa's entire need... came through of the Ugandan government's decision to go after the officials who had stolen $280,000 of Global Fund money made available to buy the longlife nets. Among those under suspicion was President Museveni's own brother-in-law.


Submitted by Hadji on
Hello, just as mentioned above...corruption is one of the biggest enemies of any kind of progress in Africa (and everywhere really) but unfortunately as an African I am aware of the extent of corruption is that region. Efforts to save lives are being reduced by such shameful acts. Luckily there are many africans who are honestly trying to make a change in this fight against malaria. Join the fight!

Submitted by Anonymous on
Another “in case you missed it” entry, this time about Tanzanian A to Z’s long-lasting malaria net enterprise mentioned in blog posts and activity capsules past. The nets – as well as the underlying for-profit business model – are featured in

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