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Making money and a difference?

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Can big business walk the talk and effectively integrate sustainable approaches into profitable corporate strategy?

The "Making Money, Making a Difference" series of articles on The Motley Fool suggests that US firms are successfully adjusting their thinking. Articles to date cover innovative approaches at such giants as General Electric, Coca Cola, McDonalds and Procter & Gamble.

In a challenge to critics, the reports suggest that big firms can develop initiatives that tackle global issues and still serve the interests of the long-term minded shareholder.


Submitted by Brian on
Thanks for sharing this. I think it is a great step these companies are taking and they should be applauded for looking beyond each quarter and for thinking strategically about programs that will create financial and social benefit for themselves and their wider group of stakeholders. Short termism is indeed the enemy of sustainability. Kudos to these and many other companies for taking the long view.

The truth is that many corporations including McDonnalds are missing a department of concious and because of that there must be an avenue for complaint that can make an adjustment in financial rewards for products that do not meet the balance test between effort of avoiding danger to the consumer and the potential harm to the consumer. I discuss that at length in my blog.

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