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Microcredit ends hunger?

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Apparently, Freedom from Hunger, the non-profit behind the End4Hunger campaign, didn't get the memo about making over-the-top claims on behalf of microcredit (let alone any type of aid). The ad below appeared in my Gmail account just a few hours ago. 



Freedom from Hunger stands by the relatively modest claims made in this promotional piece--with solid, even if not fully incontrovertible, evidence from randomized control trials and other careful research ( I’m afraid this comment illustrates the tension experienced by any non-profit trying to mobilize public support with due attention to integrity. It is very tough to walk this tightrope between promotion of a public charity and the appropriate caution of development experts. I’m not sure we always strike the right balance, but I am sure that even the right balance is insufficient to satisfy everyone. I urge a fair reading of the actual text of the promotion. Chris Dunford, President, Freedom from Hunger

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