Multimedia fun: 5 infotainment options


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Podcasts. Amplitude is a new podcast series on marketing in South Africa. Great idea. (via Digital Africa)

Video. A promo piece from the Center for Global Development, this 15 minute video starts with a nice segment on advance market commitments for vaccines.

Audio debate. If you've seen a newspaper lately, you know that Indian firm Tata has acquired Anglo-Dutch steelmaker Corus. Alarm bells are ringing - the Southern multinationals are moving in! Listen to globalization guru Philippe Legrain and Will Hutton debate the move, and whether British companies are "up for auction".

Radio series. From the BBC, a series of reports on the world's slums. Visit Kenya, South Africa, Peru, India and Brazil on your iPod. (ht Facing North and South)

Travel journal. NextBillion blogger Courtland Walker writes about his recent trip to Rwanda and addresses the question: do the poor need electricity or jobs?


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Ari T
March 05, 2007

Where can I find a World Bank open database, which individuals can use for their own research? I'm thinking of using some to do some developing-country statistics on IBM's Many Eyes (social data visualization) site.