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Offshore tutors and personal assistants are the latest development in outsourcing. Not surprisingly, India is a leader in this person-to-person offshoring, estimated to reach $2 billion by 2015.

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November 02, 2007

What is not apparent in the article is obvious in the photo of a woman sitting on the floor holding her child). Parents and students take note. This is not about "outsourcing" your child's education-- this is about carefully seeking an engaged tutor who is going to provide the best help possible. Tutoring does not have been outsourced. Contrary to popular belief, there tons of qualified, US- based tutors that are eager to help. It is just that the Indian firms have been among the most aggressive in moving into the online space. If you are looking online tutoring from tutors that are closer to the U.S. experience, check out Most of the tutors are current students or graduates of top US schools like Penn, Stanford and Harvard. You don't have to go overseas to get help with homework.

November 05, 2007

Another great resource for P2P offshoring is SpeakShop. They connect Spanish tutors in Guatemala with students around the world via web cam. It creates jobs for tutors (who are otherwise seasonally employed or underemployed) and allows students to learn Spanish in a more flexible (and cost-effective) manner. Check them out.