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New blogger: Martin Holtmann

The best development bloggers tend to be those who are out and about doing exciting things. Unfortunately, that usually leaves them little time to write. Such is the case with Martin Holtmann, CGAP's Lead Financial Specialist and PSD Blog's newest contributor. Martin is about to get even busier - he'll be comanaging the $24 million Gates Foundation grant to CGAP I wrote about 2 weeks ago.

Fortunately for us, Martin will be checking in from time to time with stories about the microfinance industry, including how new technology is being used to improve access to finance. Martin has over 15 years of stories from the microfinance industry, and I'm happy to welcome him to PSD Blog.


Submitted by Rob on
Welcome, Martin! I look forward to hearing your views on the microfinance industry and your work in CGAP's technology program. Best of luck.

Micro Finance is a movement that can bring slow revolution in poor country, if it is implemented in its true spirit. World Bank, CGAP is doing its level best, but ultimately it is the local leader who can be catalyst to the change. What this blog can contribute that create cadre of leaders in such poor country. Leader should be not only motivated to be catalyst, but in its true spirit means that enhance employment capabilities of the borrower.

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