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Recycling – from Big Macs to ecomats

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Companies are increasingly savvy at heading off their critics and the blogging trend is now part of the process. McDonalds now have an interesting corporate social responsibility blog. This in turn is highlighted on the triplepundit blog of MBA students in San Francisco. They pick up on an entry on McDonald’s achievements in improving environmental policies on their packaging and raise some good questions on whether enough is being done by the firm and whether their consumers even care. Demonstrating our own commitment to recycling, we are picking up the story here.

Continuing the recycling theme, it is good to read in the Star Online that China has agreed to use Malaysian eco-friendly mats made from discarded oil palm fronds for landscaping and beautification projects in Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games. Tests in desert regions around the Chinese capital found that the “ecomats” successfully halted encroachment of sand into agricultural land.


Submitted by Rita Sully on
Good to see recognition of corporate blogs: Being a 'corporate blogger' myself, focusing on CSR, I have to say there is very little conversation out there regarding the corporation and csr. I'd like to participate in conversations with peers and the public about how CSR is perceived in the mainstream. Commentary re CSR seems to come from practitioners; consultants and interested individuals. There seems to be very little deeper understanding of what CSR entails.

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