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SUV driver, ease your conscience

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Feeling guilty about the damage your Ford Taurus does to shrinking ice caps? Ford has teamed up with TerraPass to create a Greener Miles program where you can calculate your CO2 emissions and pay the equivalent to support renewable energies and become carbon neutral. This is one of a growing number of schemes out there to help those concerned at climate change offset the impact of using planes, trains and automobiles.

Update: You can now also use blog links to offset carbon emissions. (Though perhaps just a traffic/Google-rank ploy?). And continuing with the focus on individual action, the EU lanched on Monday their ‘You Control Climate Change Campaign’ - via Alex Steffen.


For Timbaland its a little more complicated, they have to calculate and offset the 'gases' released by all those cows (much more than the greenhouse gases release by their factories). Also see this quote from the same NYTimes article: Many analysts predict that the United States will eventually set rules limiting greenhouse emissions. Then, carbon pollution will turn into a cost of doing business.

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