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The little data book is out, but for how long?

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Content-download For the data fans out there, the World Bank's annual Little Data Book on Private Sector Development 2010 is now available for purchase via InfoShop. It's a handy little book, but I have to wonder what the future of the Little Data Book series is now that we have both the Bank's Open Data website and apps for mobile phones that provide instant access to the same data.  


Good to have the book out there. Information needs to get out in as many formats as possible. When will it be available on amazon? Maybe posting the old 2003 as a PDF would be cool, that way people could get a feel for the format. The current price for 2003 is $0.50 on amazon. Just a thought.

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@Nick It's true - books aren't going away. But I am thinking it is time to focus more on electronic outlets - see, for instance, this publication by OBA: By the way, Google Books provides access to the 2008 edition here:

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