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Blog Birthday!

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It’s already been a year since People, Spaces, Deliberation was officially launched, and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our readers and our bloggers for making this blog into such a rewarding experience. We are grateful to our guest bloggers, who have joined this blog from around the world to share their expertise on issues we believe are fundamental to improving governance and accountability.

As always, we look forward to our readers’ comments and hope for a more lively exchange of ideas in the year to come. Feel free to drop us a line and share your thoughts about this blog and the issues discussed to date.

While making a toast and reflecting on the past year, we would like to share with you the five most popular blog posts:

Again, thank you to our bloggers for their excellent contributions!

CommGAP Bloggers: Anne-Katrin Arnold, Antonio Lambino, Henriette von Kaltenborn-Stachau, Paolo Mefalopulos, Paul Mitchell, Shanthi Kalathil, and Sina Odugbemi.

Guest-Bloggers: Fackson Banda, Andrea Cairola, Theo Dolan, Verena Maria Fritz, Tom Jacobson, Caroline Jaine, Takeu Lee, Susan Moeller, Laura Newman, and Silvio Waisbord.

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And thank you, Johanna, for your excellent job running this blog!

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