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Blog Post of the Month: Realization of the Dream

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Each month People, Spaces, Deliberation shares the blog post that generated the most interest and discussion.

In October 2014, the most popular blog post was "Realization of the Dream" by Leszek Sibilski.  

In this post, Leszek describes the "changing faces" of his students in university courses and ponders whether terms like “minority” or “cultural differences” will one day be obsolete as his students come from increasingly diverse backgrounds. 

While acknowledging that there is still plenty of space to improve, Leszek reminds us that focusing on differences can limit our ability to connect with each other. He writes, "Instead of building societal firewalls, we should expose the negative vocabulary for classroom and public discussions in order to raise public awareness supported by mutual understanding."

The post was read by more than 250 unique visitors and inspired more than 30 comments.  Read the blog post and join the conversation!

Photograph by Christine Aaron

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Submitted by PPOB on

Cultural differences should make people know each other, and cultural differences should be a force for human.



Submitted by roger on

Interesting post citizen Sibilski. We should perhaps discuss this and other issues.

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