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The Bookmark podcast: Uncovering the literary talent of World Bank staff

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Podcasts are more popular than ever, thanks in large part to the wildly successful This American Life produced, Serial, and the rise of smartphones and Bluetooth enabled cars, that allow listeners to stream podcasts practically anywhere.
At the World Bank Group, Senior Communications Officer, Richard Miron has produced a new podcast series, called Bookmark that explores the creative literary works of staff members.
Each week, Richard interviews a variety of staff members, past and present, who have put pen to paper and written books of their own. It’s not about World Bank books, but rather the expansive literary talent that work at the Bank.
Richard explains the thinking behind the series:
“The people of the World Bank are what makes the institution tick. They come with different experiences and from differing backgrounds. The aim of Bookmark is to show– ‘the literary side’ of those at the Bank, and to illustrate how their work has contributed to their writing and how their experience in writing has added to their work.”

The first episode features Agi Kiss, who currently works as a Regional Environmental and Safeguards Advisor. During her career at the World Bank Group, Agi worked in Nairobi, Kenya, managing a wildlife and protected areas project. She went on a number of safaris to explore the country.
Agi’s third children’s book was inspired by her mother, who was intrigued by a cheetah they saw during a trip to the Nairobi National Park. The Cheetah Who Wouldn’t Run tells the story of Aesha, a cheetah who raises her cubs, making sure that they are fed and safe.
“[My mother] was very envious of Aesha because her children were so obedient, and apparently that was something that she was very jealous of. So for her birthday a few years later I wrote The Cheetah Who Wouldn’t Run because I thought I would write her a book about a little cheetah that wasn’t quite so obedient.”
You can hear more of Richard’s interview with Agi below:


Be sure to subscribe to the series on SoundCloud. New episodes will come out each Monday.

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