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Campaign Art: Reducing poverty through education

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Education is one of the most powerful tools to reduce poverty and combat inequality. According to UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report: universalizing secondary education completion in low income countries by 2030 would increase per capita income by 75% by 2050 and bring poverty elimination forward by 10 years.

The Asian Institute of Management, an international management school based in Manila, Philippines, published the video below to illustrate how increased education translates into increased earnings and better functioning societies.
Towards Zero Poverty in the Philippines Project
Source of the video: Asian Institute of Management
Based on education data from UNESCO, Philippines has been increasing its education records over the years. However, as of 2013, the net enrollment rate to secondary education was 67.4%.  While enrollment to primary and secondary education has gone up globally through the years, work still needs to be done to ensure that the most vulnerable students get quality education that enables them to build a better story for them and their families.

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