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Campaign Art: Children Share their Dreams for the Future

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People, Spaces, Deliberation bloggers present exceptional campaign art from all over the world. These examples are meant to inspire.

Our Future World, a nonprofit organization aiming to inspire and connect young people, launched a global campaign using the hashtag #TweetaDream in more than 35 countries. The campaign asked children and youth across the world to share their dreams for the future by answering the question “What if every child was inspired to seek genius?”  In response, children and youth sculpted, painted, photographed and used a variety of other resources to visually demonstrate what they want to achieve. 
VIDEO: #TweetaDream

The campaign led up to International Children’s Day, which is celebrated by many countries on June 1st, 2015, and sought to inspire young people to imagine a future they want to live in and consider their role in shaping.  All of the creations are also being shared on Creatubbles.

Girl in Peru

Following the culmination of the campaign on June 1st, Our Future World is offering students and teachers the opportunity to exchange their contributions with schools from other countries in order to further stimulate cross-cultural dialogue.

Boy in Kenya

Our Future World works with a growing number of ambassadors around the world, comprising many accomplished social entrepreneurs and leaders in the field of education, and partners with other non-profits including, SocialGood, lerni, and United Nations Influx.  


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Video Source: Our Future World via YouTube
Photographs courtesy of Our Future World's Facebook page

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