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Campaign Art: Dance lessons for scholarships

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Do you know how to dance? You may be one of those that have a natural instinct for rhythm and movement, or you may be one of those that need some lessons to just learn how to do the steps.

How about exchanging dance lessons for scholarships? The Juan Pablo Gutierrez Caceres Foundation in Colombia offers scholarships for post-graduate studies to Colombian students with limited resources. This foundation capitalized on the great dance skills of the people of the Chocó region in Colombia. They offer online dance classes for a fee, and the money is used for the scholarship program of the foundation in that region.

Source of video: MullenLoweSSP3

According to World Bank Data on tertiary education, as of 2014, about 53% of Colombians enrolled in tertiary education (university) after high school. While this number is higher than the world average, the percentage is probably lower in rural and remote areas such as Chocó. That’s why initiatives and scholarships to increase enrollment to university in those regions are crucial to bring opportunities to all youth.

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