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Campaign Art: The Seatbelt Crew

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India loses around 380 lives every day in road crashes. The World Health Organization Global status report on road safety 2013 also notes that fatalities in road accidents in India are on the rise, increasing from 8 deaths per 100,000 people to nearly 12 in 2010. This means that every four minutes a life is lost in a road accident in India. Another 5 million have been left seriously injured or permanently disabled. 

Simple adjustments though, including stricter enforcement of seatbelt and helmet wearing, can help reduce these distressing statistics. That's where the Seatbelt Crew comes in.

A group of special, transgender Indian women use their sacred position in Indian culture to urge motorists to use their seatbelts.  The following video shows the Seatbelt Crew as they direct motorists and passengers at traffic stops to use their safety devices.

The Seatbelt Crew

Transgender women in India, known as "Hijra," hold a special place in Indian culture and are considered to be lucky by those who believe in the Ramayana.  Their blessings are sought - especially for newborns and newlyweds - because they're believed to bring good fortune and fertility.

The campaign began in March and currently targets drivers in Mumbai.

Source: The Seatbelt Crew via Ryan Mendonca, a member of the Seatbelt Crew, on YouTube 
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