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Communication Skills

Is Anyone Listening?

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Consider, if you will, the evolution of the modern meeting. I refer to The Meeting as the workhorse of the global system. Apart from global media, the meeting is probably the main channel of communication in the global system. Global policy networks will not work without meetings. Advocacy requires meetings. Public interest lobbying requires meetings. Even business deals require meetings. As they say on Wall Street: You cannot fax a handshake.

Who is a Good ‘Communicologist’?

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In this blog I am addressing the second of the ‘Ten Key Issues on (Development) Communication’ that states that there is a sharp and profound difference about a good everyday communicator and a professional communicator. I apologize to those of you who have this distinction clear in your minds and find this an obvious point. Unfortunately, many, too many, managers and decision makers in development institutions do not always seem to understand the difference between the two.

I have heard many times the sentence ‘He/she is a good communicator’, a seemingly positive statement. However it is a statement that can be rather frustrating when used interchangeably to denote a person skillful in presenting ideas and points of view and a person with a professional expertise in the field of communication.

Promoting the Role of Development Communication in UN Organizations

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Development communication (or Communication for Development, as it is also known in United Nations circles) is a growing field in the international development context. Every two years the various UN agencies hold a roundtable to share experiences and further promote the adoption of this discipline, or interdisciplinary field.