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Frederick Douglass

Quote of the Week: Frederick Douglass

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"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."

- Frederick Douglass (1818 - 1895). An abolitionist and author, who dedicated his life to achieving justice for all Americans. He has also been called the father of the civil rights movement.

Quote from the speech "West India Emancipation", delivered on August 3, 1857, at Canandaigua, New York, on the twenty-third anniversary of the event.

We Are Here, Now Change the Subject

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According to the distinguished  political scientist, Sidney Tarrow, Occupy Wall Street -- and I suppose similar movements breaking out in much of the industrialized West --  are 'We are here' movements. For now, all they saying is: 'Recognize us!' As he points out, 'We are here' movements can either fizzle out or morph into something more powerful and insistent. It is too early to tell what will happen in this case. What he is clear about is that Occupy Wall Street is a wake-up call to the governing elite, one that members of that elite had better heed. The entire Foreign Affairs piece is worth reading.