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Quote of the Week: Bill Gates

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“I certainly love the IT thing.  But when we want to improve lives, you’ve got to deal with more basic things, like child survival, child nutrition.  As a priority? It’s a joke. Take this malaria vaccine, [this] weird thing that I’m thinking of.  Hmm, which is more important, connectivity or malaria vaccine? If you think connectivity is the key thing, that’s great. I don’t.”

- Bill Gates,  an American business magnate, investor, programmer, inventor and philanthropist. He is the founder and current Chairman of Microsoft.

Source: As quoted in the Financial Times, November 1, 2013, An inclusive interview with Bill Gates, by Richard Waters.
Photo Credit: dts Nachrichtenagentur (Creative Commons License)

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Submitted by Sandra Sargent on

Can we say that the sun is more important than the moon? Can we say that air is more important than water? Can we say that the brain is more important than the heart? If we do - we know nothing of life. There is no less and there is no more – but an inter-connection of all what makes life at every level possible. I worked with countries that run out of medicine because they had no connectivity and logistics systems to allow them resupply medication on time including large quantities of malaria medication. And of course there must be medication in the first place on that Bill Gates is right :) 

Hi Sina,

Actually Bill Gates said the exact same thing before - I think it was back in 2006 or something...

In any case, Bill Gates is one of the very few ultra-wealthy men out there who genuinely care for the less fortunate.

He should be respected for his heart, for his compassion, for his work to help others, even more than he should be respected for his massive contributions to computer science and technology in general.

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