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Why always take the critical stance towards *media*. i guess there is no such thing as the monolithic media. Even concerning news media there is a huge gap concerning technology, location, situation, financing and political association.

Accountability should not be seen in news media content but in its availability, access and plurality.

However, i do think that Anne-Katrin offers a very positive and productive view on news media / information and participation strategies. (i thereby as well refer to her post on public spheres.)

In this regard i very much appreciate the hint to come up with "capital" concerning the issue. Indeed, free media and its link to a good governance has to do a lot with capital, better to say, the use and investment of capital, i.e. the people. Its about participation and accessibility of arenas or the thing, dingpolitik, as latour would call it.

There would be a lot to de-construct concerning news media policies, influx of state agendas on news agendas etc... I just published a study on this, criticizing German PBO / print news media in their attempt to report the world. However, this is still too extravagant for many people worldwide as, i may quote here, "communicative capital" has to be set free and given way to further com-munication and a capital expansion worldwide.