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While I agree that if and when women are attacked they should receive a citizens rights to redress etc, I just never want to have to be attacked to find out how the system works or does not for women. My dilemma as a mother of two daughters and grandmother of 3 girls is around these issues of rights, risks and protective measures. On the one hand I am a serious advocate for their and my right to participate fully in public life and to be in public spaces but the question remains, how do we manage the risk? I take Cabs for Women now when travelling to the airport in Johannesburg, driven and managed by women and just relax even if the flight is at 2am. Is that the answer? If this means that we are subscribing to protectionism or if these protective measures are interim measures what is the final outcome that we are working towards? And how do we achieve it? My personal experience of being sexually harassed on a bus in India left me feeling degraded, violated and shamed for months and I never took the bus again on my own. Any rights that I might have had for recourse were meaningless in that situation and all I want is never to have that experience again.