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Submitted by Theodora Godwin on
I was really fascinated in reading your article on Paying Zero for Public Services. Presently I am working as a Temporary Administrative Support person in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management, (Poverty Reduction Unit). I retired from the Bank in 2005. I have been searching for something positive to work on, in assisting my fellow compatriots in Sierra Leone, in getting out of "POVERTY" and living a meaningful life. Can you assist me in setting up a similar scheme. Bribery is the order of business in Sierra Leone. Nothing can be done with officials without first giving them a "BRIBE." This article speaks volume of a simple way of tackling corruption. As is stated, the masses affected had nothing to fear because they had the backing of a strong organization. this is really wonderful. One small step can help reduce the massive arm of corruption that is stifling development. Thanks to the professor and 5th Pillar for sharing this wonderful story. Theodora.