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Submitted by Selvakumar on
the zero rupee note seems to be a very interesting concept. And definitely very much needed in a country like India where each and every government department is totally corrupted. Even if you want to get a birth certificate or driver license, you gotta pay bribe.. just couple of days ago, a similar incident happened near my hometown. A medical college student was poor and could not afford to pay the fees. When she approached the bank for student loan, the bank manager asked bribe and after a long struggle, the girl's mother committed suicide due to depression. The govt. has passed a law that student loans should not be rejected, but lots of people never knew about this. It might sound strange but private banks do not give any student loan and the poor students mostly depend on public govt.banks to give the loan.. I wish she had a zero rupee note to fight against that. I feel very bad when poor people suffer from corruption (for the rich, it does not hurt and actually it is helpful to them.. and for the middle class, often they do not have choice.. or they are afraid to stand against corruption. my own brother suffered so much because he wants to be honest and always fights any kind of corruption. Good luck to the 5thPillar and the zero rupee note.