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Four horrendous results of corruption: First, it creates poverty as few other social maladies do. Not even the lack of education among a nation's citizens destroys wealth as surely and as massively as corruption. Second, it enables the non-producers to prey on the producersm which saps the will of producers, eventually causing them to stop producing. Third, it gives thorough life-long education to the many graduates of the School of Learned Helplessness, who then go through life taking and receiving bribes and saying all along "What can we do about the system?" Four, and perhaps most important of all, it corrodes and erodes confidence in government, in one's fellow citiizens, and in belief in the future and hope in the future. Without belief in the future and a surging sense of hope, nothing of value can be done in any society. As someone who is approaching my eighth decades of life in the United States, I am very concerned that a culture of "bribing the voters with other voters' tax money" has taken root and is flourishing. Everyone wants to get "his share" of the tax pie, whether or not s/he has contributed significantly to the creation of the pie. Worse, huge segments of our society have entered the School of Learned Helplessness, and huge numbers have graduated, people who will be Wards of the State for all their lives, not citizens in any meaningful way, with predictable catastrophic results for all.