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Equating tips with bribes??? You've got to be kidding. The service people who rely on tips to make ends meet, at least in Canada, have a lower minimum wage, by law, than other positions. If you are not willing to tip, then don't use these services. What's going on in Countries like India is a more life effecting situation. Here there is a choice to not, say, eat in a restaurant vs in India there seems to be little choice if you want, say, a birth certificate for your child you must pay a bribe to get it. These are by no means the same thing. What I find interesting about this new project is that it is working on some, ( I would doubt all, given the variety of human nature.) This says to me, that while bribery is systemic, all those who accept the bribes -- simply because this is how it's been done for decades/centuries -- can feel shame and are willing to make amends. Human wonders never cease.