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Submitted by Sanjiv Bajaj on
The problem with most things in India is not that there aren't rules for things like corruption. There simply isn't enforcement of the rules. And if they're enforced, people in the wrong use bribery to get away with breaking the law. And in the case of public officials, they ask for bribes because they know that most people will pay the bribe and move on rather than try and fight it. With internet use being pervasive everywhere, 5th Pillar could also setup and petition the government to setup a website to register complaints against officials, and even a corruption fighting hotline where people could phone in to register complaints. If an official asks for a bribe, public service announcements on TV and on the radio should instruct local citizens to ask the official for his/her full name and official designation. That alone will deter most corruption. India's democracy would work so much better if people simply knew their rights. These rights are not taught in schools, nor are they practiced by people. So most people don't know how to really use the democracy they are an integral part of to their own advantage. I use used to live in India, but I now live in the US. I receive emails daily from various organizations asking me to write my local congressman, senator or local official on behalf of green, environmental or political issues for which I receive personal responses from these officials. They know that in this country, at least on the surface, that they work for me and not the other way around. It is my vote that gives them the privilege to serve, not the right to make good on my vote.