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Congress Shall Make No Law

Shanthi Kalathil's picture

Quick: can you list all the freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment?

If not, you're not alone. Apparently sparked by the fact that only one in twenty-five Americans can name all five freedoms listed in the First Amendment, the 1ForAll initiative aims to build support and awareness of the First Amendment among American youth. Its website notes that it intends to provide educational materials for teachers, hold events and engage the public through a variety of media.

We often talk about media literacy in the context of the public sphere - the assumption being that only a media-literate, engaged public can truly hold its institutions of governance to account - but are sometimes fuzzy about what it looks like in practice. The 1ForAll project promises to be an innovative new addition to the growing list of media literacy initiatives; it'll be interesting to track it as it unfolds, and see how it plans to measure its own impact. Moreover, it might provide some useful lessons for large-scale media literacy campaigns in other countries: what works, and why? And what does success look like?